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I just checked my Queens after starting my new hives. It went well! (Check out the video on the video page) I have a lot of questions that I will ultimately find the answers to…I hope!

3 day insp cell questions

Wondering what the dark caps, clear caps and clear clumps are? Pollen, Nectar?

What a rush! I made so many mistakes but who’s counting? (I’ll show ya later) I did take some pictures of the first hour and I’m curious as to what these gals are doing…


Ok Missy. Why is your tongue out and what’s going on behind you???








…and you got your butt way up in the air???


Today was a beautiful day to start the garden outside. I have been growing “Bee Friendly” plants inside for several weeks. Today was a good day to get them in the ground. Bees can travel up to 5 miles foraging. This garden will help them shop at the “corner” store!


May 1st, 15 more days and my bees will arrive. Getting there homes ready. Lavender is for Queen Latifa and Yellow is for Queen Annie. Who will produce more?

2016-04-30 14.21.20