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I tell you! These bees are teaching me a LESSON by GUESSIN! It’s all a guessing game for the new guy. I guessed I lost Queen Annie and I believe I could be right with that one. I couldn’t find any eggs or larvae and at that time, she should have been laying tons. The bees were not as friendly without the old gal around giving them direction. I did find some queen cells so I waited for them to hatch.


A Single queen cell

I believe the queen cells did hatch because I did find some larvae. Unfortunately, I destroyed some larvae looking for larvae.


Drone cells from a group of Burr Cells

I learned that since they were at the bottom of the super they are what’s called Burr Cells, most likely holding drone larvae. They were wedged between the layers. There wasn’t anything I could do to keep them except not removing the super. My next thought is maybe some queens did hatch from the queen cells because the bees are more active and I see a lot of drones outside the hive. I have to verify that but I have to guess again; What are all those drones doing outside the hive if they are not looking for a cute little queen to mate with? I’m guessing they are looking for a date!


A possible mating flight

  • September 14, 2016