I Got Honey!

Both of my hives have had their struggles. Queen Annie passed or ran off with some other bee. In any event I believe she was replaced with another queen. Queen Latifa may still be around but her hive is not doing well and a lot of her bees are dying. Both hives should only make enough honey to make it through the winter. If you get a hive that is doing really well the first year, you can harvest some honey.

I was able to take a frame of honey from Queen Annie’s replacement. (I haven’t named her yet) Even tho the hive could only spare 2 1/2 cups of honey, it sure is good honey!


A frame of honey


Make shift crush and strain method











Pure honey from the comb


About 2 1/2 cups of honey


Taste like honey to me!

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I'm just a dude trying to learn about raising bees to help our country through Apiculture. Hopefully, I will have some interesting pictures and video along the way.

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