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I have three new hives. Two are mail order (Queen Nefertiti and Queen Victoria) and one local from Mason, Michigan (Freddie Mercury of Queen)


The New Neighborhood


Queen Victoria was a struggle because the workers she was delivered with never released her. After 6 days, all the helpers were dead and Queen Victoria, (God Save Her!) was alive and trapped.  I released her myself and hoped for the best. This is my weakest hive.


Dead Helpers In The Queen Box

Queen Nefertiti is doing well and so far had not swarmed. Not the same story for Freddie Mercury. Ten minutes after I added an additional super, she swarmed. She landed 20 feet in the tree right next the hives and about 5 feet from my swarm catcher. They were too high up in that tree for me to get them down easily so it was a disaster. BUT after the swarm which by the way, happened right in front of my eyes, Freddie has  more productivity than the other two hives combined. Could it be she left me and came back?  Let’s hope that’s possible!


Swarm Catcher

  • June 20, 2017