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Ordinance NO. 17-96

Delta TWP Chicken Raising and Beekeeping ordinance passed 6-0! Beekeeping is allowed in residential areas with some minor restrictions to the number of hives allowed. Looks like I can have 2-4 hives. Last year, I spoke at the meeting in favor of the ordinance. I already have my hive trap in place!


  • July 20, 2017

A Nuc box is box that hold a nucleus colony, like a queen and about 1000 bees. Beekeepers use these for catching swarms or removing extra bees from an overcrowded colony. I don’t have extra bees in my hives but I did recently catch a swarm. If I catch another one, I’ll use this Nuc to hold the swarm to either replace a weak hive ( I have one of those) or start over. Besides, Nucs look really cool and a lot easier to make than a full hive. I painted mine today. Five frames ready to go!


  • July 14, 2017