Looks like they like the super!

The girls adapted well to the extra box I placed on top! Only thing is today they were flying around a lot. I even got stung for the first time just trying to replace the feeders. I guess we are not dating anymore…Anyway!

It may be time for me to open up the entrances on each hive. I have an entrance reducer which is a piece of wood that plugs the entrance and leave just a small hole.  You are supposed to do that so the bees can defend their hives. When they are just starting out in a new hive, it’s easier to defend a smaller entry. It’s like only having one door where you have to check ID’s. If you don’t have ID, ya can’t get in! Is that why I got stung?

After some time you need to open the entrance so the bees have an easier time coming and going. Starting to look like Detroit rush hour. Guess I would be mad too if had to fly around with pollen on MY legs waiting for some malcontent ID checking bee to check me in!


  • July 1, 2016
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