8 Week Inspection goes well

Can you believe it has been 56 days since I started this new event? As my Niece would say, apparently, it’s cool to raise bees! I’m finally with the cool crowd! So, I placed a super on my first brood box. A super is just another level for the bees to expand. They should continue to fill this super with more eggs, larvae, pollen and nectar. I still plan to let the bees be bees and allow them to do what they want. If they want to swarm and leave, let them swarm and leave. If they want to stay and just party and have babies, so be it! I’m just happy they are still living!


Got stung the other day. Right on the arm. My fault. I went to change out the external feeders and got one caught under my arm. Sting the arm that feeds you! Funny, I was wearing gloves and I never wear gloves. She got me just above the glove.


The 8 week inspection went well. (See the video) It might be too early to tell but it looks like I may need another super for a brood box, which is good. The more bees to defend the hive the better. It helps them make it through the winter too.

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  • July 7, 2016
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